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Is it possible to almost accurate emulate Amiga on your pC?
It's only one real solution nowadays and it's called WinUAE.
I'll explain here quick way to play your favorite games or even use AmigaOS almost for real!

Ready? Go!

Step 1: D/L your favorite stuff according to links on this subpage. (ADF files)
Step 2: Goto WinUAE page and d/l an up-to-date installer.
Step 3: Install WinUAE (there isn't any special custom installation process)
Step 4: Get some Amiga ROM files .rom (v1.3 - v3.1) (using Your original Amiga or torrent/rapid ;)
and put them in the 'roms' folder in WinUAE installdir
Step 5: Run winuae.exe (click OK for autoscan rom results)

Now: Play awhile with the settings - to have clue what it's all about :)

Step 6: Select desired ROM file in ROM tab at 'Main ROM file' and at the 'Floppy Drives' insert desired .adf file clicking on a '...' button.
Step 7: Simply now you can press 'Start' to boot a virtual Amiga :-)

Rest Hardware and Host settings are just waiting for your accomodation and setup.

Of course you can save your modified actual configuration 4 future use @ 'Configurations' tab.

Example screens:

Created by RORI.PL