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“If this is only a ‘game’, why is your heart beating so fast?” (Richard l’Hommedieu, Computer Philosopher, Smithtown, New York)
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Amiga Software
The one thing that puts your Amiga above rival home computers is its versatility, power, and ease of use, and certainly its most attractive feature is Workbench - the Amiga operating system's graphical user interface (GUI). Both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft... [ more... ]
Amiga Music Modules (protracker)
There were days when some of us don't even had a radio in his room but an Amiga and favourite tracker-player. Those were days when pc users envy us. No words. Let's take a trip and look inside the world great composers like Jogeir Liljedahl and others had created... [ more... ]
Amiga Emulation (quick steps)
Is it possible to almost accurately emulate Amiga on your pC? There's only one real solution as of today, and it's called WinUAE. I'll show you a quick way to play your favorite games or even use AmigaOS almost for real! [ more... ]

Amiga Scene ArtWork (gfx)
Remeber those breathtaking pixel collages? Even with low-res PAL, 5 bitplanes and your eyes googled! Thanks to this wonderful piece of hardware, chips, Denise, Alice.. soul within .. and with masterwork from Lazur, Cougar or Facet we had dreams came true! Let's see.. [ more... ]

Created by RORI.PL
Out of Silence (2008)
Jogeir Liljedahl

Out of SilenceA full 9 years after the release of his debut CD, The Wanderer, comes the next highly awaited album from Jogeir Liljedahl.

Aptly titled "Out of Silence", the album is a melodic/electronic music feast from beginning till end, with uplifting melodies, sparkling chords, typical Jogeir style wonderful bass lines, and with additional guitar appearances by Øyvind Vik.

Buy CD from CDBaby Buy MP3/FLAC from the LynneMusic download-shop or buy it from iTunes

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