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Amiga Ethernet/Internet over PCMCIA card

If you ever dreamed about an Internet in your beloved Amiga. Here it is. An easy way if you have a PCMCIA port in your Amiga (A600/A1200).
You can buy a 16bit (*important) Ethernet PC Card. Install AmiTCP or Miami. Of course HDD drive or CF card strongly recommended!.

Sometimes they can be bought on eBay for cheap so it's worth to take a look. It's important that you should deny any CardBus cards. Only 16bit PC-Cards and compare them with those lists.

PCMCIA cards that are verified to work with Amiga:

Apollo RE450CT
OvisLink Ethernet
Amiganet from Hydra Systems
RPTI nv401 NE2k compatible
Accton EN2216 EtherCard
Surecom EP-427, EP-527
Micronet SP122, SP125
Socket Communications model AAA-1001
Grey Cell Systems Ethernet Gold Card
KingMax Technology NE2000 Compatible PCMCIA Card Version 4.1
LanPro NE2000 compatible
DynaLink L10C Combo Ethernet Adapter
Linksys EC2T Combo PCMCIA Ethernet card
Argosy EN210BT
PINE Ethernet
LinkMate/Apollo RE450CT
Fiberline FL-4680
Genius ME3000IISE, ME3000II BNC / RJ45 Ethernet adaptor
Tamarack Microelectronics Ethernet PCMCIA card
Microcomputer Research Inc's Mr Ethernet 10Mbp/s RJ45 & BNC pcmcia
EDIMAX EP-4000 (Edimax Technology Ethernet Combo)
Zonet Zen 10/10 (ZONET Fast Ethernet)
TARGET 10Mbps ethernet
Arowana 10 mbps ethernet PCMCIA
Pretec Ethernet PC Card 10Base-T
MENTOR PCMLAN-10 10Mbps Ethernet

Full list available at cnet.device archive @AmiNet, file: compatibility

Also take a look at the GMB's PCMCIA Page for detailed info on which card works.

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