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Basics commands

Here you are description of some basic commands in c: directory.
Note: type .. for example 'copy ?' for info about syntax

Addbuffers Add memory to floppy disk buffers to improve speed
Adddatatypes Activates datatypes or adds another datatype
Alias Assigns a short name to a command
Ask Asks a question in a script (reply y/n). Use IF WARN to test for a yes.
Assign Assign names to directory paths.
Avail Memory availablility
Binddrivers Load device drivers
Break Stop a program (see Status)
CD Change directory
ChangeTaskPri Changes program's execution priority
Conclip Activates clipboard device
Copy Copy files
CPU Changes CPU settings e.g. caches, burst, fastrom
Date Display/change date or time
Delete Delete files
Dir List contents of a directory
Diskchange Tell Amigados that a disk has been swapped in a non-autosensing disk drive
Diskcopy Duplicates disks (resides in System drawer)
Echo Display text in a script
Ed Edit text files (screen editor)
Edit Edit text files (line editor)
Else Used with IF, if not true, do these commands
Endcli Close CLI console window
Endif End a IF..ELSE..ENDIF block
Endskip Stops a SKIP branch (for debugging)
Eval Evaluate a simple arithmetic expression
Execute Execute a script or batch file
Failat Change failure limit for scripts (0 - Ok, 5 - Warn, 10 - Error, 20 - Fail)
Fault Display error message from a code
Filenote Attach a comment to a file (see LIST)
Format Initialises Amiga disks (resides in System drawer)
Get Returns contents of local ENV variable
Getenv Return contents of a global environment variable
IconX Enables a script to be run from Workbench. The script must have a Project .info file and the Default Tool set to C:IconX to run it.
If If condition is true, execute following commands until an ELSE or ENDIF occurs.
Info Displays information about disks
Install Saves a bootblock to a disk. If you have only one drive type INSTALL ? and swap disks and then type DF0: and press RETURN to save bootblock.
IPrefs Initialises preferences files on startup.
Join Join two or more files together.
Lab State a Label to Skip to in a script
List List file details in a directory
Loadwb Display workbench screen
Lock Lock a device from writing
MagTape Controls magnetic tape device
Makedir Create a new directory.
MakeLink Creates a logical link between files
Mount Loads and mounts a device
Newcli Open a new CLI console (CON) window
NewShell Open a new Shell console (CON) window
Path Set or change the program search path
Prompt Change the prompt text
Protect Change the `rwedsp' flags of a file. (r=read,w=write,e=execute,d=delete,s=script,p=pure)
Quit Quit a script
Relabel Change name of a disk
RemRAD Remove RAD device from memory
Rename Renames a file
RequestChoice Asks for input via a requester
RequestFile Asks for a filename via ASL file requester
Resident Stores AmigaDOS command in memory (faster than reloading from disk each time it is executed). To ensure a command can be made resident check the pure flag (see List).
Run Execute a program in the background (multi-task)
Search Search for a string in a file or a file on a disk
Set Sets a local ENV variable
Setclock Load or set the date and time from battery-backed clock
Setdate Set date of a file (see List)
Setenv Change the contents of a environment variable
Setfont Sets console font
Setkeyboard Sets keyboard layout (was SetMap)
Setpatch Patch Operating System functions and remove bugs
Skip Jump to a label in a script (see Lab)
Stack Change/display amount of stack space
Status Display status of running programs
Type Display contents of text file on screen
Unset Remove a local ENV variable
UnSetEnv Remove a global ENV variable
Unalias Remove a short name for a command
Version Display workbench or library version information
Wait Wait for a specified period of time
Which Find where a file is in command path (see Path)
Why Display reason why a previous command failed

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