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Manual install: How things work

All you folks have to know that on Amiga INSTALLING (mostly) means COPYING. Of course when using prepared installers their scripts do a bit harder job. But-a.. If you want to manually install Amiga game onto harddisk all you have to do is:
Required: Workbench previosly installed
  • make sure the floppy disks are in AmigaDOS filesystem
Note: If it's non-dos filesystem you will notice it when inserted into drive a diskicon appears
(used in majority of demos and games beacuse of it's custom optimizing benfits)


  • If there is no installer on the disk.. you can copy all floppies to the directory on harddisk
copy df0: dh1:games/kots all
To make a dir, use workbench menu or command like
makedir dh1:games
makedir dh1:games/kots
Note: You can copy all disks to the same directory (duplicated files in most cases can be overwrited).. or make directories like 'disk1' 'disk2' 'disk3' and there copy corresponding contents


How assign command work Because games recognizes it's disks through names we have to tell the system that specific disk name it's a place on our harddisk (directory). Here comes the almighty commend 'assign'. To open shell in a Workbench type 'newcli' in an Execute command Workbench menu. For example we assume here that the names of game disks are KOTS_1,KOTS_2 and KOTS_3 so now:
assign KOTS_1: dh1:games/kots assign KOTS_2: dh1:games/kots assign KOTS_3: dh1:games/kots
if we made corresponding disk folders
assign KOTS_1: dh1:games/kots/disk1 assign KOTS_2: dh1:games/kots/disk2 assign KOTS_3: dh1:games/kots/disk3


But-a.. we'll have to do the assigns each reboot! Yep.. and nope.. all we have to do is to use any text editor to write a simple script that contains all assigns formula.
For example:
ed dh1:games/kots/start
will run system editor and create the file 'start' in dh1:games/kots/. Using editor type assigns command then save and exit.
Now through
execute start
will do the assigns.

Look what's starting

What about a script that automatically will do the assigns and start the game? We have to know the name of game executbale... if we know it.. simply we have to add it at the end of our script.
 assign KOTS_1: dh1:games/kots/disk1 assign KOTS_2: dh1:games/kots/disk2 assign KOTS_3: dh1:games/kots/disk3 run >NIL: KOTS_1:kotsgame 
Note: To check executable's name try to inspect file s/startup-sequence on the first game disk.. look at the bottom lines.
You can now start the game. Simply enter 'execute dh1:games/kots/start'.
You can place the script file in any location on the disk because of non relative paths. Hmm, but-a... what about:

Start from icon

  • Make sure the 'start' script has an icon (info) file
  • click once on our script and select frome menu Icons->Information
  • In 'Default tool' field enter 'iconx'
  • make sure the checkboxes are on.. .. look at the image
Iconx - Executable icon That's all!
You can now run the game through this script - double clicking - directly from the Workbench icon.
And you can place script icon anywhere.

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